Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's all Blasphemy

Most things are blasphemy to a majority of the world's population.

(We might actually do well to figure out the few core beliefs that are common among the world's most popular religions and just stick to those things.  Of course we would have to remove the specific names each religion uses to understand their own beliefs and come up with a common language, but my guess is that if this could actually be done it would provide a sufficient framework for that part of our lives.)

However, my point with my opening line here is that because each religion has its own terms and to a lesser extent beliefs, almost anything anyone can utter in this realm is considered blasphemy (or something more benign but similar to blasphemy) to the vast majority of people on this planet of ours.  

Most people practice the religion they do because of where they were born and what culture they grew up in, rather than that they explored the various offerings and decided upon the one they thought was best.  If someone was going to explore various religions to pick which one seemed best it seems to me that they would be looking for the one that seemed most true or that produced the most desirable results.  To really do this someone would have to actually practice the religion for at least months and probably years to see how true it seemed and what results it produced, and yet I have not met anyone who has done this with more than 2-3 religions, even though I am sure there are a few.

I am not suggesting that people should actually practice various religions for a few years each.  What I am suggesting is that it is hypocritical to think my religion is better than someone else's religion unless I have tried their's for quite a while.  Likely, some people avoid this realization by focusing on the objectionable parts of other religions and comparing that to the admirable parts of their own religion.  Likely other people avoid this realization because they assume there can only be one truth in this realm and their religion explains things well.  So it must be the one true religion.  Any which way it is still hypocritical.

My hope is that if more and more people come to realize this as the world is getting smaller and more people start to get to know people from other cultures, that we will naturally develop more compassion and tolerance for each other and various cultures.  It takes a while for this process to play out and the opening of the globe to the exchange or ideas and cultures at the general population level is still in its early infancy.